Rainbow Lollipop Party


Amazing Photography by Jess from White Spark Photography

Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies & Macaroons by Carli Milburn

Concept Styling & Printables by Jo Studio


This is my Rainbow sweet table I did for my gorgeous girls 3rd Birthday



Jo Studio buffet labels available from our shop. Gorgeous macaroons by Carli Milburn


Jo Studio buffet labels and cupcake toppers. Cupcakes by Carli Milburn


Jo Studio 4 Inch Circles & Jar Labels



Gorgeous Lollipop Cookies by Carli Milburn


Jo Studio cupcake toppers / 2 inch circles


Jo Studio 4 Inch Circles



Amazing Rainbow Cake by Carli Milburn it couldn't have been more perfect!



We used a doll house to showcase some favour bags and extra items



Happy Birthday gorgeous girl (o;


Sometimes Water Bottles dont always need a label some simple twine will do the trick!


Jo Studio straw tags these looked great and were very popular with guests


There she goes again with the fairy bread it wouldn't be a party if she wasnt licking all the sprinkes off (o;



This idea was such a great idea for the kids. Instead of feeding the kids party pies

etc the normal party food we found this idea online.

Using ice cube trays you can get from your local $2 shop we made these healthy snacks for kids.

So when it came to snack time you dont have to worry about cooking kids just grabbed a tray and sat down.


My gorgeous rainbow girl



Oh this has to be my most precious photo of all time. Do you know with kids somewhere between the age of

2 & 3 they realise about birthday parties and all that goes with it.

Indy realised what birthdays meant at about 2 and a half so for about 6 months she

watched everyones birthday come and go patiently waiting for her turn.

This was the moment when she realised it was finally her turn and we were all singing

Happy Birthday for her one of the most precious memories I have and for Jess to capture that was amazing!


Trying to peel the dots off her cake (o:


Indy has to smell everything before she eats it including her cake (o;



Jo Studio 4 Inch Circles



This was Indy's lollipop style invitation which the kids loved this is available from our shop as well

as a more simple 5x7" invitation for those of you that are not too crafty!



The cupcake decoration station I had setup for the kids.

Excuse the rocks the wind as blowing everything away (o;




My gorgeous nephew Chase and his cupcake creation



This was another great and inexpensive idea for kids parties. I went to bunnings and bought and piece of MDF

I then added a small piece of wood with a few nails to hold the paint.

Put a few bulldog clips at the top and you have a perfect painting station!




This is how I made use of our fountain kids loved catching a Rainbow Fish!!




Jo Studio Party Sign available in our shop


The Birthday girl was the star of the photobook that day you could not take the smile of her face

Moments like these make it all worth it!


My lovely sister in law always comes to do face painting for the kids

How gorgeous is this photo of Charlotte 



These are some gorgeous Storyboards created by Jess from White Spark Photography

as a momento from the party




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All Rainbow themed Paperie available from our shop










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