Ice Cream Social



Amazing Photography by Jess from White Spark Photography

Cake Pops & Rosette Cake by Carlie from CJ Sweet Treats

Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies by Carli Milburn

Concept Styling & Printables by Jo Studio


This was my gorgeous girls 4th birthday sweet table 



I looked over the past parties we had done and realised I had always opted for bright colours and

patterns so thought I would have a go at pastel for a change with a hint

of gold to set it off. Was so happy with the results



That amazing cake is again from Carli Milburn I am going to miss her fabulous

sweets as she has now become a full time teacher congratulations Carli x



My new favourite find Glitter Tape how simple this is to do and look how great it looks




Jo Studio Ice Cream Themed Cupcake Toppers / 2 Inch Circles



Amazing Cake pops by Carli from CJ Sweet Treats



Ice cream cookies by the awesome Carli Milburn



Jo Studio Chocolate Bar wrappers available in our shop Cadbury & Choceur sizes available



Jo Studio 4 Inch Circles



Our gorgeous drink cart setup with DRINK Banner handmade by Jo Studio

Water bottle labels also available in our shop



My beautiful little model



Showing off some party treats





Beautiful Cupcakes by Carli Milburn



Jo Studio I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for

Ice Cream Sign available from our shop



Macaroons by Carli Milburn



This rosette cake was stunning the most gorgeous colour and it was so good to eat

by the amazing Carlie from CJ Sweet Treats





Love the little hands (o;



Jo Studio 4 Inch Circles available from our shop



Lets Party Confetti Sign by Jo Studio available in our shop



The gorgeous cake by Carli Milburn I love the wet look of the Ice Cream





Ice Cream party sign purchased from ebay



Jo Studio Printable Backdrop Sign available in our shop





Sparkly Ice Cream cones



Ice Cream Favour boxes designed by Jo Studio

These were such a hit with the kids and they even come customised with your childs

name on the number plate. You can order these in our shop


Jo Studio 4 Inch Circles



These Ice Cream Pint Containers were such a hit with the kids and they were filled with fairy floss (o;

The Ice Cream pint container lid printable is also available in our shop



Favour bags for the kids who can see the Ice Cream shaped paper clip so cute (o;



I thought these gorgeous Lace & Ribbon Wands would be really cute for the girls

and they loved them and they were so easy to make



This is how we packaged Indiana's Ice Cream Invitation complete with lolly ice creams



Jo Studio welcome sign available in our shop





Having a great time at her party



Me & my princess love you gorgeous girl!!





This was our setup next to the sweet table. We put

some more treats on a gorgeous Queen Anne Dresser



Smelling everything before she eats it again (o;





Levi enjoyed the party just look at his face (o;



I also decided to make these gorgeous gumball necklaces

for the girls they were so easy to make and looked great!



This is how we packaged Indiana's Ice Cream Invitation complete with lolly Ice Creams







I think I mentioned before in a previous post how much my gorgeous girl loves animals.

Her only request for the party was that there was an animal farm.

So we got the animal farm but I also arranged this horse for pony rides just seeing the look on her face

when he walked in was priceless and they were insperable the whole time 



More cupcake decorating



Kissing animals again (o:





Animals just bring kids so much joy they just love them



Much to the family and friends surprise Mr Whippy also paid

us a visit to the Ice Cream party he was such a hit!





Levi enjoying his Ice Cream can he get any cuter (o;



This has to be one of my favourite pictures Indy giving Levi

pony rides with mum watching in the background




Indiana and her new friend Alannah showing off our gumball necklaces 


These photos are owned by Jo Studio please do not use them without permission

All Ice Cream themed Paperie available from our shop

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