Circus Fun

Gorgeous Photography by Jess from White Spark Photography

Cake & Cookies by Sweet Cheeks Cookies & Cakes

Concept, Printables & Styling by Jo Studio

This is my gorgeous boys first birthday and my very first attempt at a sweet table






This sign was handmade by me using coloured cardboard and a hot glue gun




Amazing Cookies by Danielle at Sweet Cheeks Cookies & Cakes


Pinwheels by Jo Studio paired with our custom 4 Inch Circles


Jo Studio 2 Inch Circles available from our shop






My cheeky boy can he get any cuter (o;


Handmade Choc Dipped Oreos


Jo Studio 4 Inch Circles available from our shop


Cupcake Toppers & Buffet Labels by Jo Studio




Cupcake Toppers available from our shop


This amazing cake was by Danielle at Sweet Cheeks Cookies & Cakes.

The day of the party was 30+ degrees so unfortunately the cake

didnt hold up very well against that heat but it was amazing!






This photos shows how I sent out the Invitations for the party I wanted something cute and funny.

The pack included Admit One Tickets, Bow Tie, Clown Nose, Moustache Prop and the Invitation

The kids just loved them so much and it made the countdown to the party even more exciting!










Gorgeous blow me bubble labels available in our shop kids

had so much fun wandering the party blowing them they just love bubbles






All party signs available in our shop and can be customised to your needs!






My gorgeous girl Indiana eating all the sprinkles off the fairy bread

when no one was looking apparantly no one else wanted any (o;


The birthday boy and his cookie by Sweet Cheeks Cookies & Cakes


Me and my cheeky boy oh how they grow so fast (o:


I had great fun make this our hot water service packed up a few weeks before so

I decided to turn the box into something amazing! It's something so simple as a cardboard box

but the kids have so much fun they are just so happy with the simple things!


Koray my little model having fun in our photobooth




We had quite a few of these big balloons spread around

the party kids had a ball with them!


Isnt he just adorable (o;


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